The organization was founded by the internationally renowned, multiple award-winning
Ghanaian undercover investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas.
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What We do

The services we provide


WAJSIC caters for whistleblowers and journalists by keeping them in safe havens while providing conditions and resources for their personal and professional wellbeing.


The organization also projects the work of whistleblowers and journalists by serving as an avenue through which their sensitive yet vital information can be channeled to the right media platforms and audiences.


WAJSIC has a network of competent legal brains who look out for the interests of whistleblowers and journalists, defending them in intimidating legal battles and protecting them from stifling suits in their line of work.


WAJSIC prioritizes raising awareness on whistleblowing and accountability-driven journalism, and this is done through organizing and participating in anti-corruption events continent-wide, as well as publishing materials related to the field. Our advocacy activities can be viewed on our blog.

No story is worth the journalist's life.

We believe journalists must be protected while they hold power to account.

We provide tools and training

A home away from home when under persecution.

Journalism and Whistleblowing are endeavours that WAJSIC strives to preserve.

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